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International Activities

A part of the Kansai Electric Group, NEWJEC Inc. has been providing overseas consulting services for a long time. Since 1996, Kansai Electric itself has been providing consulting services mainly to Asian countries to make international contributions using our domestic experience and to strengthen our skills.

International Consulting Services

As part of its overseas consulting business, Kansai Electric Power has applied the integrated technologies and expertise developed since its establishment. These include the planning , construction, operation and maintenance of the power stations and transmission & distribution required to supply power.

Field Retained Technology

We operate 12 thermal power stations in Japan fueled by oil, coal and gas. We retain technologies for thermal power generation, including the planning and construction of new power sources and the operation, maintenance, and management of existing power stations.

  • ・Combined-cycle Gas Turbine technology
  • ・Thermal power generation technology (gas-, oil- and coal-fired)
  • ・Environmental protection technology

We operate 151 hydroelectric power stations in Japan including micro to large-scale hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower. We retain technologies for hydropower and civil engineering projects such as site development as well as design, construction, operation and maintenance.

  • ・Technologies for hydropower and civil engineering
  • ・Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage system
Transmission & Distribution

We have technologies and know-how of comprehensive planning for power transmission & distribution in addition to design, construction, operation, asset management, and maintenance and repair.

  • ・Power system planning
  • ・500kV overhead and 275kV undergroud transmission technology
  • ・±500kV DC technology
  • ・Distribution Automation System, smart meter systems
  • ・Technological developments for constructing"Kansai Electric Power Smart Grid"

We retain development expertise for renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic, wind, and biomass power generation.

  • ・Mega solar power project development
  • ・Wind power development
  • ・Safety measures such as the accident prevention of recurrence based on our analysis and the countermeasures of the past accidents and disasters
  • ・Energy-saving technologies,expertise,methods and their know-how etc
K-VacsEngineering Services and Solutions for Thermal Power Plants

K-VaCS, or Kansai-Value Creation Service, is a brand name of engineering services and solutions for thermal power plants around the world offered by the Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. K-VaCS provides high-value services and solutions from power plant owners and operators viewpoints based on our extensive knowledge and excellent expertise gained through experience in power generation business.

Engineering Services and Solutions for Thermal Power Plants

Hosting trainees from San Roque Power Station

Overhaul training inside the waterwheel
Overhaul training inside the waterwheel

We are now undertaking consulting work on operation and maintenance of the San Roque Hydraulic Power Station of San Roque Power Corporation in the Philippines (a joint venture of Marubeni Corporation and The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated).
We are providing consulting services to improve the technical skills of local staff, so that operation and maintenance of the hydro power station can be accomplished by local staff alone in the future. From 2006, when three years have elapsed since commencing operation of the power station, we have had trainees at hydro power stations and training centers of us to provide them with on-site practical training and training sessions.

  • Training Record (until March 2015)
    Number of times:18 
    Number of the trainees: cumulative total 27
Project for Formulation of the National Electricity Master Plan in the Union of Myanmar

Lecture of technology transfer
Lecture of technology transfer

Due to economic growth since the transition from military rule to a democratic government in 2011, a significant increase in electricity demand is expected in Myanmar, so matters such as improvement of insufficient power supply, reduction of transmission and distribution loss and enhancement of reliability become challenges. To meet these challenges, we have provided assistance to formulate an optimized national electricity master plan for the medium and long term to strategically develop power generation sources and transmission systems.

  • Implementation Period: June 2013 ~ December 2014
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