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International Activities

We are actively working on international cooperation and contribution initiatives mainly through the activities of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (formerly the “e8”) and are providing technical cooperation etc. while hosting trainees from Asian countries.

Overview of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership

June 2013  Washington, D.C. Summit  Ceremonial Photo
June 2013  Washington, D.C. Summit  Ceremonial Photo
The Chairman of the individual countries' Electric Power Company and the Former U.S. President Clinton  

In April 1992, the chairmen of the world’s leading utility companies (representing five countries at that time) launched a not-for-profit organization for global discussion of the environment and development issues such as global warming. The membership of this group now comprises 13 companies representing 11 countries

<Summary of activities>

  • At the annual summit, the chairmen of the member companies discussed how they are addressing global issues regarding electric power industry and environmental issues.
  • The group offers opinions at international conferences such as the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP).
  • The group promotes sustainable energy development by supporting projects in developing countries.
Bhutan Micro-Hydro Project (CDM)

Commemorative photo in front of the power station
Commemorative photo in front of the power station

Our company contributed to the remote village of Chendebji in Bhutan, which did not previously have access to electric power, constructed a micro-hydro power project. We promoted rural electrification in the non-electrified area of Bhutan and helped improve the quality of life. This example demonstrated an application of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.

  • Capacity:70kW
  • Number of demand:About 50 (representing about 400 residents)
  • Construction period: June 2004 to August 2005
  • In May 2005, Kansai Electric Power became the first Japanese electric power company to be registered with the United Nations CDM Executive Board (Assumed reduction in CO emissions: 500 tons-CO/ year)
Tuvalu Solar Power Generation Project

Solar panel installing in the soccer ground
Solar panel installing in the soccer ground

Tuvalu is one of the first countries in the world to be at risk of inundation from the impact of global warming. Kansai Electric Power constructed a 40kW solar power generation system and transferred the know-how required to build and operate the system to the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation. This project also presented an opportunity for promoting the use of renewable energy in Pacific island nations.
(Cooperative project with Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects offered by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.)

  • Capacity:40kW (without batteries)
  • Construction period: October 2007 to February 2008
Dhiffushi Solar Ice Project(ongoing)

Top:Planned construction site 
         Dhiffushi Island   
Bottom: Conceptual drawing
Top:Planned construction site Dhiffushi Island
Bottom:Conceptual drawing

This is a project to install a 40 kW solar power generation system at Dhiffushi Island, a small island in the Maldives. The challenge is how to balance power generation and consumption when large-scale solar power comparing with island demand, for which power generation varies significantly depending upon the weather, is introduced to such a small island.
This project aims to achieve supply and demand balance by use of ice making machine for the fishing industry, one of the major industries in the island, as well as to introduce a system that controls the amount of solar power generation. When the amount of power generated has reached a relatively high level, the ice making machine will be the first consumer of power. This is expected to be a pilot project that can be replicated on the other islands as a sustainable model.

  • System: Hybrid system of solar power generation and the existing diesel generator (with supply and demand control system by ice making machine) etc.
  • Capacity : 40kW (10kW X 4 units)
    A very high rate of implementation of solar power in contrast with the demand (50-120kW) of the island.
Workshops held in Pacific island nations
  • August 2014 Workshop in Guam
    August 2014 Workshop in Guam
  • Tutorship by our expert
    Tutorship by our expert

In May and August 2014, for solving the problems of the Pacific island nations' electric power utility, and providing an opportunity to think about the tariff setting in sustainably, we held workshops collaborated with Pacific Power Authority on the theme of "Tariff structure setting". The efforts based on the themes of renewable energy and energy-saving to meet the needs of the local people, are continued from 2005. We have held a total of 12 such workshops until 2015.
Considering the various issues faced by these island nations, we will continue to contribute to global solutions, including environmental issues, by conducting technology transfer and personnel training programs.

Memorandum of understanding on information exchanges
  • Sign MOU by the governor of EGAT and our President
    Sign MOU by the governor of EGAT and our President
  • A scene of the information exchanging meeting
    A scene of the information exchanging meeting

Our company has agreements on exchanging information with foreign utilities to acquire a wide range of information and knowhow concerning the utility business. On March 30, 2015, we concluded an memorandum of understanding(MOU) with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), so our company now has MOU with 14 companies in 10 countries. Our intention is to continue, from a long-term viewpoint, a wide range of discussions and information exchanges on items of mutual concern, using information and knowledge acquired through such activities to develop and expand businesses overseas.

Technical cooperation with Vietnam
  • February  2014 Workshop in Vietnam
    February 2014 Workshop in Vietnam
  • February  2015 Training in Japan
    February 2015 Training in Japan

In 2012, we concluded a cooperation agreement with Vietnam Electricity (EVN). This entailed an agreement to promote personnel training and information exchange in the general electricity business.
As a result, we are holding the technical training workshops in Vietnam in the field of power transmission and distribution and are conducting training for modernization of Vietnamese electricity distribution facilities in Japan. We held the 3rd workshop in Vietnam in February 2014, and held the 2nd Japan training in our company in February 2015.

Hosting foreign trainees
  • Visiting training center
    Visiting training center
  • Photo with trainees from Myanmar
with our company staff teachers after the training
    Photo with trainees from Myanmar
    with our company staff teachers after the training

From 2013, we have concluded a training contract on the theme of "Yangon Power Distribution System Improvement training" from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), greeted the related members of Myanmar's electricity sector, and held trainings on the theme of "Power distribution Technology". In May 2014, the 2nd training was held.
As part of a visit to Japan for training of foreign trainees as conducted by various organizations, we have provided various training courses on the electricity sector as part of international cooperation.

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