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International Activities

Delivering Kansai’s power worldwide & introducing global dynamism to Kansai

Since it was established in 1951, The Kansai Electric has been supplying high-quality electric power to the Kansai region for over half a century. Based on the technology and experience accumulated over the years, The Kansai Electric is keen to contribute to the stable supply of electric power in other countries through the IPP business and consulting services.

Our Approach to International Activities

Kansai Electric Power launched its first IPP project in 1998 for the first time as Japanese electric power utilities. Since then, we have been contributing to the stable supply of electricity in other countries.

  • Bluewaters Thermal Power Project in Australia
  • Senoko Power Project (CCGT,oil-fired)
  • San Roque Hydro Power Project in the Philippines
  • Ming-Jian Hydro Power Project in Taiwan
  • Kuo Kuang Thermal Power Project in Taiwan
  • Rojana Thermal Power Project in Thailand
  • Nam Ngiep 1 Hydro Project in Laos
  • Rajamandala Hydropower Project in Indonesia

International Consulting Services

Kansai Electric Power has been providing consulting services mainly to the countries of Asia in the fields of thermal and hydro power as well as transmission and distribution. Through this initiative, we are leveraging the technical expertise we have developed in our domestic operations.

International Cooperation Initiatives

In addition to compiling and disseminating the latest information from abroad,Kansai Electric Power actively makes international contributions mainly through activities of GSEP, a not-for-profit organization comprising the world’s major electric power companies.

  • 2017/08/18
    Warning: Please be careful of forged MOU.

    Warning: Please be careful of forged MOU.

    There seems to be an Indonesian developer who claims it is developing a hydro power project in Pidie Regency Aceh of Sumatra, Indonesia, together with the Kansai Electric Power Co.,Inc. and Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd., showing three-party MOU as evidence of such collaboration. Please note that Kansai and Nippon Koei are currently not involved in development of a hydro power project in the region in any possible way whatsoever and that no MOU exists. If you encounter above situation, please take due care and kindly let us know of the incident. For your information, Kansai and Nippon Koei will not incur any liability for the loss or damage you may suffer by believing such developer.

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