Kansai Electric Power -power with heart-

Management Policy

As we enter a new energy era, we have formulated our "Management Philosophy", "Guidelines for Action" and "Kansai Electric Power Group Vision" in order to become a corporate group that is trusted and selected by its customers and communities and also to achieve long-term sustainable growth. Furthermore, we have created our brand statement, a succinct representation of our corporate attitude and values to offer as set out in the Philosophy, Guidelines and Vision.

By giving top priority to safety and fulfilling social responsibilities as the axis of business management and upholding our mission of "continuing to serve our customers and communities," we at the Kansai Electric Power Group will realize a bright, affluent future and keep close relationship with our customers and communities into the future.

Based on the concept of valuing people, the Kansai Electric Power Group will contribute to sustainable development of communities through fair business activities.
Each one of our directors and employees will demonstrate a "sense of mission" and "spirit of challenge" which have been cultivated so far and give our best in our duties as a good member of society and also fulfill the following fundamental responsibilities.

[Fundamental Responsibilities]
  • • Give top priority to ensuring safety.(*)
  • • Surely implement CSR.
  • • Keep changing to accomplish our abiding mission.

We will provide a wide range of safe, comfortable and convenient services from a viewpoint of our customers and business partners, and gain their trust to be selected as the best partner in everyday life and business so we keep growing at home and abroad while fulfilling our resolve to play expected role as Japan's leading company in the energy sector.

power with heart

The brand statement "power with heart" expresses our wish to be a source of
power for our customers and communities by serving them with sincerity and passion.