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Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic view

The Kansai Electric Power Group’s business activities draw support from customers, regional communities, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees and many other segments of society.
This trust the Group earns from all these communities is the very bedrock of the Group’s operations, without which it would be unable to maintain sustainable growth and fulfill its mission.
At the Kansai Electric Power Group, we want to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society, including maintaining compliance and transparency. In addition, by responding sincerely to the expectations of members of society for our group business activities, we want to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the realization of a future that is bright and affluent as well as keep the trust that we receive unshakable.
Thus, the Kansai Electric Power Group develops all of its business activities and fulfills its corporate social responsibilities as an enterprise based on its six CSR Action Principles.

CSR Action Principles
1. Safe and Stable Delivery of Products and Services As Chosen by Customers

The Kansai Electric Power Group will endeavor to develop and improve the products and services as chosen by customers and as a business operator responsible for lifelines that are indispensable to society we will take every conceivable measure, day by day, to deliver our product and services safely and stably.

2. Proactive Approach with a View to Creating Ever Better Environment

As a provider of energy services that are closely connected with the environment, the Kansai Electric Power Group fully recognizes the scale of impact its business activities have on the global environment and therefore will strive to alleviate the environmental burden and environmental risks accompanying our business activities. Furthermore, we will aspire for creating ever better environment and contribute proactively to the development of a sustainable society through provision of products and services having lesser environmental impact.

3. Proactive Contributions to Development of Local Communities

As a business operator closely linked with its local communities and lives of their inhabitants, the Kansai Electric Power Group fully recognizes that its own development is not conceivable without the development of the local communities associated with its business activities and therefore we will proactively contribute to the development of our local communities through initiatives to revitalize these communities and the local economy. Also with regard to our overseas business activities, we will strive to contribute to the development of the respective local communities with due consideration to local culture and practices.

4. Respect for Human Rights and Development of Favorable Work
Environment by Taking Advantage of Diversity

The Kansai Electric Power Group recognizes the “human rights” as a common and universal value of the global society, supports the international standards relating to the human rights and respects the human rights in all of its business activities. Accordingly, we will strive to secure safe and comfortable work environment for all the people associated with our business activities and take advantage of diversity (each individual’s diversity) to the maximum extent.

5. Highly Transparent and Open Business Activities

In order to properly reflect social opinions in its business activities, to ensure fairness in the management of its business operations and to faithfully carry out its accountability to society through timely transmission and disclosure of information, the Kansai Electric Power Group will promote increased communication with all members of society and conduct business activities that are transparent and open.

6. Strict Enforcement of Compliance

In all aspects of its business activities, the Kansai Electric Power Group will comply with all laws and regulations, internal rules and business ethics and will ensure strict enforcement of compliance as the basis of our management. The Group as a whole will build the structure that should ensure these actual practices and will strive to maintain and improve its structure.

Carrying CSR Conduct Cards

The Group Management Philosophy and CSR Action Principles have been inscribed on portable Conduct Cards. We distribute these to all employees who write their personal conduct vows on the back and use them to confirm their conduct and goals in their own work.

Conduct Card
Conduct Card

President's Action Declaration
President's Action Declaration