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Corporate Social Responsibility

We wish to express our deep gratitude to all of you for the exceptional consideration.

Our corporate group in fiscal 2017 faced challenging business conditions, including intensifying competition with power producers and suppliers in our primary business of electricity sales. However, we have been able to make a counterattack with electricity rate reduction that has resulted from the resumption of operation of Takahama Unit 3 and 4. Furthermore, under the full liberalization of the retail market for the gas industry, we have exceeded sales targets regarding Kanden Gas.
   Moreover, we have been profitable for three consecutive fiscal years as a result of our steady advancement toward the targets of our Medium-term Management Plan (2016-2018), working proactively on our business fields such as overseas power development, information and telecommunications, and real estate as well as a continuous effort on innovation.
   This is truly thanks to the support we have received from all of you, and we once again would like to express our sincere gratitude.
   Entering fiscal year 2018, fierce competition continues in the energy market. We will try our best to boost the top line for our comprehensive energy business making the most of resumed operation of Ohi Unit 3 and 4.
   Furthermore, we have taken to heart once again that the foundation of our business is the trust we have received from all the people including our customers, and we would like to meet your expectations with all sincerity. Placing a top priority on safety, we are committed to secure a stable power supply. At the same time, we are making vigorous efforts to solve the social problems such as energy conservation and CO2 reduction and to create new values including the development of smart communities.

Toward the realization mentioned above, every member of our group provides service with sincerity and passion by approaching the views and feedback of our customers and communities and making more and more efforts.

Our group continues to conduct business with a focus on “safety as the top priority” and “surely fulfilling CSR obligations” as key guidelines for action. We will also fulfill our duties and we “keep on changing to fulfill an unchanging mission” to “serve our customers and communities,” to become one of the leading companies in Japan in the energy sector. We are applying all our abilities so that we can contribute to the sustainable development of society and the realization of a bright and affluent future.

We ask all of you to continue to provide your unchanging support and encouragement in the future.

Conduct Card

President’s Action Declaration

  • We will continue to serve our customers and society.
  • Ensuring safety is my mission, and the mission of the Company.